Battle of Valmy

Louis-Victor-Richer : intitulé, “Le général Kellerman à Valmy

Le général Kellerman


RICHIER, Louis Victor

Louis-Victor-Valter Richer intitulé, “Le général Kellerman à Valmy1792″
Oil on canvas
Canvas approximately: 50″ x 65″ (127cm. x 165.1cm.)
Framed: 56 1/2 inches high x 72 1/2″ (143.51cm. x 184.15 cm.)
Exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1859 ( Entry 320)

Richier, French, 19th century, studied under Robert-Fleury and made his debut at the Paris Salon de 1848. Le général Kellerman à Valmy 1792 was exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1859.

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This is one of only two paintings depicting the Battle of Valmy.
The only other painting is in the National Gallery in London by ‎Vernet (1789-1863

SIGNIFICANCE AND IMPORTANCE: The Battle Of Valmy changed all of the Politics of Europe and marked the end of Monarchs. It is considered a remarkable and definitive battle that astute military personnel study.

Battle of Valmy

Battle of Valmy Video

Francois Christophe de Kellerman

Owner Statement:

“Painted from sketches at the battlefield. The Duke of Orleans is King Louis Phillipe. He was the brother of Louis XIV. When he turned against the King, his brother, he initiated all the uprisings ….& finally the Battle of VALMY claimed the head of Louis XVl.
The Vernet painting was commissioned by the Duke de Orleans. It looks very fancy with the green grass and sunny skies etc. it’s their victory. The Louis Victor Richier painting is our sorrow…. because it was against Versailles, our home at the time.”