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Charlotte Lees, Vases

VasesVases, Wood, paint, transfers, mesh, 35x11x2"

Wood, paint transfers, mesh

“35 x 11“ x 2″


Charlotte Lees works with layering of materials such as in this artwork, Vases. Paint transfers were used for the vase images, wood carvings to create shadow and depth and paint and mesh for texture.

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Charlotte Lees, Woodland Nymphs I

Woodland Nymphs I, 60x16x2", wood, paint, barkWoodland Nymphs I

Wood, paint. bark



Charlotte Lees’ abstract work is imaginative and whimsical. She has a talent for taking everyday object and creating them into something extraordinary. In her piece “Woodland Nymphs” the flow and movement of the work is based on the foundation of the leaf shape.

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