John Pearson

John Pearson

With a style so distinctive it helped propel an international movement, John Pearson is a key figure of the artistic community.  Pearson was central to the flourishing of geometric abstraction in Cleveland from the mid-1960s through the 1970s. He received the Cleveland Arts Prize in Visual Art in 1975, at the outset of his local and international renown.

Pearson’s mathematical approach does not carry with it a rigid dedication to a single process: Throughout his career, Pearson has experimented with a variety of media and created works of wildly varying size and scope. This ongoing exploration of the form and ideas within the parameters of geometry has yielded several distinct bodies of work.

His most recent work presents unusual color combinations applied to a variety of forms, shapes, and patterns, creating a kind of aesthetic frission between viewer and art. Rather than trick the eye, Pearson explores the relationship between these shapes within the two-dimensional canvas. The philosophical basis of these latest works lies in the artist’s continuing interest in spirituality and the subjectivity of perception.

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