DeChant Art Consulting, LLC

Successful People Hire Personal Health Trainers- More Successful People Hire Personal Financial Advisors, but….

The Most Successful People Hire A Personal Art Consultant !


DeChant Art Consulting serves private Corporate, Healthcare Institutions, and Family Foundations.

Tom Wesselmann                                John Pearson
For over 28 years my portfolio of clients has become as varied as the artworks I’ve acquired on their behalf.

Creating sophisticated art planning is a part of each of my projects from Firestone Country Club to luxury homes to International Hotels  to Internationally-renowned institutions including the Cleveland Clinic.  I build fine art collections uniquely suited to your brand, industry, and aesthetic tastes.


Selected fine artworks are available on my website.

This website represents < 10 % of my artwork data base!

I can present you with art choices to enhance and create a fine art collection well worth your investment for years to come✨

You can reach me at 216 556 2076or 216 276 0087

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