DeChant Art Consulting, LLC

Successful People Hire Personal Health Trainers- More Successful People Hire Personal Financial Advisors, but….

The Most Successful People Hire A Personal Art Consultant !


DeChant Art Consulting serves  Corporate, Healthcare Institutions, and Private Family Foundations.

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Tom Wesselmann                                John Pearson
For over 28 years my portfolio of clients has become as varied as the artworks I’ve acquired on their behalf.

Creating sophisticated art planning is a part of each of my projects from Firestone Country Club to luxury homes to International Hotels  to Internationally-renowned institutions including the Cleveland Clinic.  I build fine art collections uniquely suited to your brand, industry, and aesthetic tastes.


Selected fine artworks are available on my website.

Artwork enhances and creates a fine art collection and an investment for years to come✨

You can reach me at  216-276-0087