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Robert Winkler, Coming Around

Robert Winkler, Opening Up, Cor-ten steel (initial stages of weathering)  S3.5’H x 9’ x 4.5’

Coming around

Cor-ten steel (initial stages of weathering)

3.5’H x 9’ x 4.5’

(1.06 x 2.74 x 1.37 m)

Price: $ 50,000

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Robert Winkler, In Deep (Work in Progress)

Robert Winkler, In Deep (current work in progress), Steel, urethane protective coating, Woodfield Southpark, Charlotte, NC, Completed dimensions: 18’H x 4’ x 6’

In Deep (work in progress)

Steel, urethane protective coating,

18’ x 4’ x 6’

(5.48 x 1.21 x 19.68m)

Commissions Available

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