Pediatric Art for Healthcare Facilities

After over 50 Building projects for 20 years as the Art Consultant to Cleveland Clinic.

Highlights of Pediatric Projects:

CCF Westlake had a large atrium in which I planned a series of “high flying ” colorful large Kites that could be seen through the glass walls of the five floors looking into it.  A large mural wall was commissioned for an expansive area within the Atrium. Subject: a lakefront home with children flying kites and a garden below. The Pediatric floor had large ceiling to floor windows looking out to the Atrium and the Kites. Each pediatric exam room had a kite hanging from the ceiling.

CCF Solon: The corridor leading to the Pediatric waiting area was filed with holograms at various levels for children of all ages to move about and enjoy. Robert Vickrey prints danced with balloons and children on bikes through the waiting area. Each exam room had a hand held puppet hanging by the exam table that doctors could use to amuse and distract children as they made diagnostic evaluations.

I curated the only two art exhibitions with NASA Glenn in a healthcare facility.

We placed in the Children’s Hospital lobby a large 20 foot long space related LEGO installation by Adrian Drake.

Other pediatric waiting rooms included main campus and satellites that spread throughout northeast Ohio and into Florida. I preferred to intermingle Important American art by artists selling at the major auction houses with important regional art.

In Florida we secured the acquisition of a bronze Manatee and cub as well as a jumping dolphin by Kathy Spalding…she is world renown for the flying fish in the Atlantis Fountain. Birds and animals indigenous to Florida were added by Connie Bransilver and other photographers.

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