Why To Hire an Art Appraiser

If you are asking yourself these questions…..please let me help

Can’t I appraise the art myself or do I need an art appraiser? Can I look at lists of selling prices for some of the artists who need appraising? Are lists of art prices just as good as appraisers?

A: If you need an art appraisal, hire a professional art appraiser who’s experienced in art appraisals. If you’re not qualified to appraise art, don’t try to appraise it yourself. That can be very frustrating and inaccurate.  If you need legal assistance, you hire an attorney, right? If you need medical advice, you see a doctor, right? If you need something done that you don’t know how to do yourself, you hire someone who knows how to do it, right?  Researching accurate dollar values on art might seem like something anyone can do… it’s not. Some of the local resources I use as part of my appraisal process are the Cleveland Museum of Art Library, Cowan Auctions, and Rachel Davis Fine Arts.

Appraising art is fine art.

Paramount (from the Ads Portfolio) (1985), Andy Warhol