Early Career

Work for Healthcare Facilities:

DeChant Art Consulting, LLC, Teresa M. DeChant has curated art programs for two major healthcare institutions: MetroHealth and Cleveland Clinic.

DeChant’s art career at the Cleveland Clinic was under the leadership of Dr. Floyd Loop and Dr Joseph Hahn with budgets overseen by Frank Lordeman.

When she was contracted to be the fine art consultant and curator to the Cleveland Clinic in the late 1990s there was a lack of artwork in the hospitals patient care areas.

The original mission statement for the Cleveland Clinic Art Collection was to have only original art. DeChant recommended the expansion of the mission statement at Cleveland Clinic to include important American and European artists and artist that sold at Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

DeChant also established the first Art Systems database in a major healthcare institution. At the time of her departure in 2005 to assist with her mother‘s failing health, she was asked to provide a list of all of the artworks in the entire Cleveland Clinic system. She arranged for Carol Tomer in Archives to do this part of the documentation once she planned all the artwork on her computer. Thus the over 1500 artworks DeChant Researched and selected for the Cleveland Clinic Fine Art collection was able to be placed on one CD as early as 1998.

The economic development of the region of the Clinic projects DeChant selected artwork for was heavily considered when she made her art selections.

Although DeChant was not allowed to talk about it at the time, DeChant calculated by the end of her 15 year career with Cleveland Clinic building projects, DeChant had put back into the regional economy approximately $1.2 million, the net cost of all the artwork.

DeChant also purchased the first artworks in the CCF ART collection by Wm deKooning, Jim Dine, Alex Katz, Tom Wesselman, Robert Vickrey, and many other important national and regional Artists. She arranged for the first major donations of Jim Dine artworks; Artwork from the Benesch law Collection; and donations of Art works from major regional artists for the Cleveland Clinic 75th Anniversary, a Japanese Art Collection, and various other major donations.

When building projects expanded beyond Cleveland to Florida DeChant instituted selecting artworks of artists from Cleveland who had Florida connections, as well as regional Florida artists.

DeChant organized and curated approximately 8 art exhibitions each year (along with her other art planning of various renovations and new buildings). This included the first Kinetic Art exhibition, two CCF/NASA exhibits, a Women in Art exhibit, the 75th Anniversary Exhibition with Jennie Jones photography, a Calligraphy Exhibit, Semiannual Quilt shows (that supported the Diabetes Research Department at the Cleveland Clinic), Employee art show, and an annual Nature a Cure for Stress Exhibition. DeChant created an curated and Art Exhibition for the Emergency department there was an annual juried exhibition

All exhibitions curated and arranged by DeChant were unique for any Major Heathcare facility. Cleveland Clinic had the first World Class Art Collection and Art exhibition within it. These exhibits were designed to serve the patient, visitors and staff.

DeChant left the Cleveland Clinic in 2005 to assist with her mothers illness. She went on to complete major projects for Nuveen Investment in Chicago and Benesch Law in Cleveland, and art acquisitions for Majestic Steel among Other art advisory positions with many American families.