Thomas Frontini

Thomas Frontini, Offering on the Alter #3, 2014, Oil on Panel, 18” x 24”   $1,800

Born in Kingston, Ontario to parents of Italian and English descent, Thomas is a dual Canadian-American citizen. Earning his Bachelors degree at the Cleveland Institute of Art and his Masters Degree from The Ohio State University, Thomas Frontini has deep roots tying him to the local arts scene. After leaving Ohio to work as an artist and a conservator for the MET in New York, Thomas returned to Cleveland, Ohio to set up a permanent residence for his studio. While residing in Cleveland Heights, Thomas has continued making art, winning a variety of awards while exhibiting, growing gallery representation and notoriety locally and internationally.

“I create paintings by using Surrealist tendencies and combining strong foreground imagery with vibrant atmospheres. The history of painting weighs heavily on my decisions of palette and technique; my art is directly influenced by my Italian heritage and Italian art history. I tend to draw a lot of my reference material from topical issues that people face as a culture and as a species, using metaphors to portray the potential of a future that is the consequence of poor decisions today. Despite the plight that the natural world faces in my landscapes, the figure I reference tends to show an unshakable strength that is built upon the importance of always having a glimmer of hope. Exploring a safe and more forgiving existence is always and forever a possibility, even if it may be found to be intangible or expressed as an allegory.”–Thomas Frontini



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